“My name is Mariana, I am 27 years old. 3 years ago, I decided to change my diet and my life style. I was 20kg overweight. I met Erika though my dad (which is her patient, and improved his performance in his marathons and long bike rides). I confess I didn’t think it would change much having a professional advice , because I had tried so many diets for so many years that would just give me momentary results, and nothing that was really healthy.
Besides being an excellent professional, Erika is a great partner in this long journey that is this food reeducation. To have someone that encourages you in a fun way and not cutting off everything that you love eating, but adapting them to your daily life, was really essential.
Complete happiness when I look at myself in the mirror, but also, my health improvement, today I can keep my weight, without doing anything crazy, knowing how to balance my food with my physical activity.”


“ I started to have the nutritional guidance with Erika in 2015, just like most people, to lose weight! But, for my surprise, in every consultation, I could understand better not just my caloric intake, but also how my emotions and feelings would influence my behaviour towards food. In the meantime, I had good and bad phases, but Erika taught me how to see myself, how to deal with anxiety in a very balanced way, to not prohibit myself from eating what I love, and not to be dependent on those fad diets that we can’t keep up with. Erika is for me more than a very professional dietitian (excellent, by the way), she always look to the patient as a whole, she tries to understand their routines, their physical needs, their emotional needs and she is always ready to encourage and move on!”

MARINA RODRIGUES - personal trainer

“I was always seeking for the “perfect body”, doing all the crazy diets, spending hours with no food or drink, eating the “wrong” things, and most of the times, almost no food at all. That was my food routine until I met Erika. The incessant quest/pursuit of the best diet and low body weight.
Right in the first consultations, Erika started to show me how low pleasure I was having in eating, how deficient my food intake was (I used to eat just chicken breast, salad, minimum of carbohydrates and some fruits) and if I kept on doing that, I would end up sick. And actually I was already getting sick. I was starting to get anorexic (psychological disorder, where people eat less and less... until the ultimate consequence- death!)
Erika, with all her experience, with a lot of respect and dedication, brought me back the pleasure! Not just the pleasure to eat, but pleasure to live! She made me understand how pleasurable it is to take care of ourselves in the right way, how pleasurable it is to savor our food, how pleasurable it is to feel good with ourselves. And all of that in a loving and fun way.
Today, after all the recovery process, I still practice all the lessons that I have learned.“

FABIOLA ANTUNES - entrepreneur

“I was referred to Erika Motoie by a friend. It was the beginning of the year, a resolution I normally don’t keep, but what she did with me was incredible and not replicated since.  I was able to lose up to 20 kilos with her and in a relatively short period of time.
We met twice a month, and during those two weeks, she had me write down everything that I ate for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. She gave me guidelines on what I shouldn’t and should eat and then would check over every day and meal when we met to see if I had followed the plan and what I could do better.
She was diligent, persistent, encouraging, and knowledgeable.  She was very kind but also stern and assertive when I needed her to be.  She helped me become better with my eating habits and ultimately lose weight.  I never felt like I had to have anything, or missed any type of food and was never desperate, while following her plan and steady hand. 
I would recommend Erika Motoie to anybody looking for a dietitian/ nutritionist, and especially, to those like me, who have tried everything and been up and down with their weight their whole life.”


”I am 60 years old, and I spent my whole life thinking that going to see a nutritionist or dietitian was a waste of time. Yet for my whole life I’ve been into trying different diets, either my own diet or fad diets. This meant I always lost weight but would then put it back on again.
Furthermore, I had no pleasure in eating.Because I was always dieting, I could not eat the things I enjoyed like a normal person.
More than just the aesthetics of looking good, I have a very serious condition. It led to me being hospitalised four times in one year because of diverticulitis, which is an inflammation of the intestine. My doctor instructed me to eat a very healthy diet, which most importantly, contained a minimum of fat.
Hence, 1.5 years ago I finally surrendered and through a friend’s recommendation started visiting nutritionist and dietitian Erika Motoie. I started her food monitoring and re-education programme and tremendously improved my quality of life and was able to maintain a healthy weight.
I even discovered foods I previously thought I couldn’t eat, were ok to eat in moderation. And the best part is I have been able to manage my diverticulitis so that in August 2016, I celebrated one year without being hospitalised.
Today I think about all the time I wasted by not looking for a dietitian and nutritionist, like Erika, sooner. She has a special way of treating people. She is so friendly, thorough and can always come up with a wonderful suggestion or idea to make eating healthy easier and more of a pleasure.”


“I am a doctor and I have a very busy life. Often I would have to shift my days for nights and that affected my eating habits.
Being a doctor, I know that good eating habits is the base of a healthy life.
I had many good recommendations from colleagues to see Erika and I decided to get her help. With her food and health monitoring I achieved my goals in a very healthy way and nowadays I use all that learning with my patients.”

CAIO UEMURA - doctor

“Erika is a fantastic dietitian! She works in a very different way from all the rest. Besides she is very thoughtful and considerate with her patients/clients and her work.
When I met Erika, I was around 12-13 years old, an overweight teenager.
Thanks to her, I lost 10kg with her great tips, her method of how and what I ate and her delicious recipes!
Erika is not one of those dietitians that tells you off when you do wrong and doesn’t tell you to follow her programme the way she wants. Erika tries to understand you where you made a mistake and gives you tips to how to change them.
I have learned a lot with Erika, that I carry with me in my daily life. It’s been 6 years already. I grew up with her tips, and today, as a journalist, she is one of my Nutrition consultants for my magazine.”

GABRIEL GAMEIRO - journalist

“I started seeing Erika to enhance my performance in soccer, skate boarding and weight lifting. I used to feel really tired and my sessions would not be as good as before. What I got really impressed was the little amount of supplements that Erika would recommend me, and the food plan totally personalized for what I wanted.
With the improvement of my results, my mother and my wife started to see Erika with different goal and great results. Those consultations were essential during my wife’s pregnancy for her health, the baby’s health and for her to gain just 10kg.
Today our family has increased and we follow a better lifestyle, a lot healthier thanks to Erika’s professionalism and consideration with us.”

THIAGO ZANONI NEVES - personal trainer and physiotherapist

“Erika is great! She's always onto it, quick to reply when I have questions and jumps at the opportunity to help make reaching my goals easier. I couldn't recommend her enough.”

Jordan J

“Before my first appointment with Erika I was nervous about what to expect. I needn’t have worried as Erika quickly put my worries at ease. She is so easy to talk to, has so much knowledge to pass on and is always encouraging me to make choices that are right for me. I'm really looking forward to continuing my journey with her help and I know that she will do everything she can to help me reach my health goals.”

Angela G

“Absolutely enjoyed my initial consultation with Erika she was really invested in my journey right from the start. Would highly recommend her to anyone wanting nutrition advice!”

Katie N

“Honestly has been an amazing experience, I was a bit nervous before I started but it was so easy to set up I was able to go through with it all the way.
Erika was amazing tailored everything exactly to my needs even if I wasn’t sure what they were beforehand! She also gave me so really helpful advice on what I should be doing, and she told me why which I really really appreciated!”


“I found Erika very approachable and understanding. She was very easy to speak to. This is something I struggle with as I suffer from Complex PTSD.”

Jacqui L

“I really loved how instantly I understood and trusted Erika and found she was extremely knowledgeable with all my questions and made me feel at ease with the whole process.
It was informative but also enjoyable, she was really engaging and I'm looking forward to seeing what I can achieve.
I have told everyone about it and highly recommending people try it!”

Katelin R

“Erika has me eating more rather than less food to lose weight!”

Lisa O

“Was really helpful I’m looking forward the next appointment. Erika is so lovely and helpful”

Maria C

“Tailored to my lifestyle and helping so much with my gut issues. Made it super easy to eat healthy with some great options.”

Maia H

“Erika is so easy to talk to, she’s very open and honest and has a very caring and understanding approach. There was no judgement or shaming and she made me feel very welcome and safe. Really looking forward to my follow up consultation next week.”

Angela G

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